PULS: presents Nordic Electroacoustic music in Binaural 3D

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Electric Audio Unit (EAU) and Audiorama presents six real-time broadcasts of electroacoustic music works from Nordic composers, in Binaural 3D sound!

On the following dates at 12:30 CET you can tune in to hear electroacoustic music from Nordic composers curated by members of EAU and Audiorama.
1: 02.6 EAU curator Natasha Barrett
2: 09.6 Audiorama curator Magnus Bunnskog
3: 16.6 EAU curator Anders Tveit
4: 23.6 Audiorama curator Marcus Wrangö
5: 30.6 EAU curator Anders Vinjar
6: 18.8 EAU curator Ernst van der Loo
So put on your headphones and enjoy half an hour of top notch electroacoustic music from Nordic composers in 3D sound.

Program 2.6:

Mikkel Alvheim Åse (NO): F=ma (2019) (6’48)
Natasha Barrett (NO/UK): Talking Trees (2020) (7’00)
Giuseppe Pisano (I): Verso Stelle Mai Viste (2020, premier) (9’40)
Lise-Lotte Norelius (SE): dådådede (2021, 4’58)
The concerts is a part of the Nordic Livemusic program (PULS) and is supported by the Nordic Culturefund and the Norwegian culturefund.

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