Karl Sczuka Prize for Hanna Hartman

Hanna Hartman - Photo Helga Brekkan

Karl Sczuka Prize for Hanna Hartman

Jury praises the piece ”Fog Factory”

Award ceremony on October 17, 2021 in Donaueschingen
Baden-Baden. The Karl Sczuka Prize for works of radio art goes to the Berlin-based Swedish sound artist, composer and performer Hanna Hartman for her sound art work ”Fog Factory”. The prize is awarded by the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and is associated with a prize money of 12,500 euros. The piece is commissioned by SEAMS (Society for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden) and was premiered at the ”Echoes around me Festival” in Vienna in October 2020. The Karl Sczuka Prize is the most important international award for advanced works of radio art. The award ceremony will take place on October 17, 2021 in Donaueschingen. SWR2 broadcasts the award-winning piece the same evening.

”Own acoustic language full of poetry”.
The jury stated in their reasoning: ”The Karl Sczuka Prize 2021 goes to the acousmatic piece ”Fog Factory” by Hanna Hartman. Based on original recordings and sounds of a Buchla 200 modular synthesizer, the artist develops her own sonic language full of poetry. The sounds, detached from their context, gain a new sonic intensity in this audio work. The playfully alliterating title of Hartman’s concise work can be read as a description of the artistic process whereby acoustic material shimmers between different aggregate states.”

77 competition entries from 21 countries
The internationally renowned Karl Sczuka Prize is awarded annually to the ”best production of a work of radio art using musical material and structures in an acoustic performance”. This year, 77 competition entries from 21 countries were submitted. An independent jury chaired by visual artist Olaf Nicolai decided on the winners on Thursday (July 8) in Baden-Baden. Other jury members were Julia Cloot, Michael Grote, Thomas Meinecke and Julia Mihály. The Karl Sczuka Prize is named after the in-house composer of the SWF founding years and was first awarded in 1955.

Further information and an interview with the chairman of the jury on the Internet: www.SWR2.de/sczuka

Congratulations to the winner Hanna Hartman.
Looking forward to your application for next year’s Karl Sczuka Prize.

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